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About the Products

When it comes to quality & performance, I only align myself with the best of the best hair care companies. This gives me the utmost confidence in the products I use while you're in the chair as well as at home. You can rest assured that anything used in-studio is cruelty-free and of the highest quality.


I am also thrilled to share that Black Rose is a 98% sustainable salon and has been since the day I opened my doors. I have partnered with a Canadian company, Green Circle Salons to allow nearly all waste to be recycled, which is a concept I am very passionate about. I try my best in both my personal and professional life to respect our Earth as much as possible, and Green Circle Salons certainly helps me do just that. In a year, I am able to divert approximately 32 lbs of colour, 93 lbs of hair, 77 lbs of metal, 142 lbs of paper, 113 lbs of plastic, and 36lbs of single use items from our landfills and waterways. Wow! All these materials are recycled or repurposed in brilliant ways. Visit for more info.

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