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Things To Know Before Your Appointment


So you've booked your hair service... Congrats! We can't wait to see you. In the meantime, let's go over some important points to remember before your visit.


Please come with clean hair.

It's best to wash your hair no more than 1-2 days before your scheduled appointment - bonus points if you can use a clarifying shampoo. The idea that "dirty" hair is better for a colour service is a myth born of the early days of colour services when they were much more harsh on the hair and scalp than they are today. Present-day colour is drastically more gentle, so having a build up of product, oil and dirt can actually hinder the performance of hair colour. Your stylist will also likely cut your hair dry - this works best when your hair is clean and styled in your most often worn manner (eg. blown dry, flat-ironed, air dried or diffused with your natural curl pattern).

*note: if you are unable to wash & detangle your hair before your appointment, we understand! We just ask that you let your stylist know in advance so proper time adjustments can be made.*


Be honest with your hair history.


Your stylist will be able to give you the most accurate plan of action & cost estimate when they know the full history of your hair - don't leave anything out. Even if that colour was 5+ years ago, it's worth mentioning as it is almost certainly still in your hair. There's no judgement, we just need to know so we can make the best decisions for your hair.


We love inspiration photos!

Inspiration photos (especially when they are your stylist's work!) help your service provider get a feel for what direction you are hoping to go in. Keep in mind that we are artists, not photo-copiers, and every colour looks different on every individual depending on the natural colour/previous haircolour, hair texture and density. When you are searching for inspiration photos, try to look for ones that have a natural base similar to your own. There's a reason they're called "inspiration" photos, they are there to provide a visual for your hair artist and spark their creativity to create something unique and curated just for you! 


Get comfy.


When it comes to colour, silk press, smoothing, and extension services, they can take anywhere from 2-7 hours, so comfortable clothing (not your most favourite/most expensive top though - sometimes stains happen!) is recommended. Please avoid bulky hoodies or sweaters as they can impede on your service. Black Rose has a fully stocked drink and snack bar, however feel free to bring your own. The tunes and streaming services are available to enjoy your favourite shows/movies while you visit, but you are more than welcome to bring your own devices for school/work/entertainment.

During messy weather, we kindly ask you to remove your outdoor footwear when you enter. The salon can get a bit chilly so feel free to wear nice cozy socks or bring your own slippers.

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Be you.


Black Rose is a judgement-free, pressure-free, inclusive space. We celebrate individuality and are here to help bring out your most confident self from the very moment you step though our doors. Rest assured you can comfortably visit our studio as your most authentic self without fear of prejudice. In that same realm, hate or bigotry of any kind will not be tolerated in our space.



Great hair is only as good as your aftercare! Protect your investment and be sure to practice proper home care by following the tips below.

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Your stylist knows best.

Using the correct shampoo, conditioner, treatments and styling products is key to maintaining the hair of your dreams. Our retail selection offers something for everyone, and your stylist will be able to recommend what products will work best for you to maintain your colour and/or style. Using non-professional products is guaranteed to cause accelerated fading, dryness, and build-up, so using top-quality hair care at home is highly recommended. Browse our online collection here.


How you wash is just as important as with what.


Cleansing every 3-10 days is not only going to help your hair be it's healthiest, but it will increase the longevity of your colour. Rinsing with water or using dry shampoo, combined with brushing with a boar bristle brush every day is a great way to help you go a bit longer between washes. Using cold water will prolong the life of your colour even further (especially with creative colour!). If your water is well or unsoftened, a clarifying shampoo is highly recommended to mitigate unwanted tones and/or mineral build-up.

Your stylist will be able to offer more specific guidelines depending on your service, hair type and home care routine at your appointment.


Limit heat styling.

Heat styling should be limited as much as possible to protect your hair's health and the colour. Embracing your natural texture can be intimidating, but with the right routine, it can present a whole new world of looks and extend the life of your colour. Heat protection products are crucial when using any hot tool, such as a blowdryer, flat iron or curling iron. Chat with your stylist to find the right fit for your needs.


Protect your hair from the sun the same way you would your skin.

The sun will not only fade your hair, but can also cause dryness & damage. Using a product with UVA + UVB protection is crucial for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors. If your outside time includes swimming in chlorine/salt water/lake water, your best bet is to keep it completely out of the water, especially if your colour is freshly done, however we understand the desire for a nice dip. If you must submerge your hair, it is recommended to first saturate with fresh tap water and a leave-in conditoner, then rinse, shampoo well and condition when you're finished.


If you have any other questions or concerns, just ask!

Your stylist is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to haircare. If there's anything else you need to know or need clarification on, don't hesitate to reach out. Don't forget to reserve your next appointment in advance to keep your mane in top condition. We can't wait to see you soon!

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